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Our goal is to educate and expose our reader to various traditional healing methods available on Mother Earth. Our primary method of natural healing we will focus on is plant medicine as the plant kingdom has various medicines to treat various illnesses. When we look at nature, we witness the capabilities of healing through nature. Mother Earth gives life and our interconnectedness is explicit once we understand our oneness just as much as the interconnectedness between the physical world and the ancestral world.
The manifestation of dis-ease should encourage the individual to seek balance amongst all energetic aspects that compose the human being. It is the responsibility of the individual to change from a detrimental lifestyle if the individual chooses to seek treatment and improve health. Always remain vigilant to strive for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual harmony. Take care of your body as it is a temple.

Thanks to Mother Earth and many wonderful people, we’ll provide a list of services and traditional methods of healing we provide and can connect you with. Earth's Divinity provides you all with herbs for many illnesses and conditions. We have herbs for blood issues, body illnesses, brain conditions, cleaners, digestive concerns, organs, respiratory conditions, sexual concerns and specifically herbs for addiction, brain, liver, kidney, spleen, fertility, asthma, general health, diabetes, ,anemia, heart, joint inflamation, hemorrhoids, weight loss, lungs, blood, teeth, gums, reproductive system and more. We also carry herbs for rituals and spiritual cleansings. Some of the other services we can connect you with are doulas, midwives, Priests, diviners and more. We are here to serve and assist you.
May you all be well in mind, body and spirit. 


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"The average man is aware of everything only when he thinks he should be; the condition of a warrior, however, is to be aware of everything at all times." -Carlos Castaneda 
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